It can be the shortcut to your dream. You can use the prime business address 1-1 Kitahama and phone number without the cost of renting actual space. All received mails and parcels are handled by our receptionists and instantly notify you by emails. Phone calls are answered promptly by receptionists with your company name. We ensure to support enhancing the credibility to grow your business and pursuing your business goals. By choosing our Virtual Office, you may also save overhead initial costs for setting up the physical office.


MAILBOX PLUS:   JPY 10,000 + tax/ mo.

・Professional downtown business mailing address.
・Instant email notifications of received mail and parcels.
・Mail holding up to two weeks (Free)
・Mail forwarding service upon request
(actual shipping and handling charge of JPY 350 + tax/ ea.)


TELEPHONE ONLY:  JPY 28,000 + tax/mo.     Telephone Only

・Answering services by our professional receptionists.
・Instant email notifications of received calls.
※Phone number will be the same when changing your membership to the Serviced office.

Optional Service 01

Fax service is available with monthly charge of JPY 3,000 + tax.
TIFF data will be sent by email to your designated account.

Optional Service02

Voicemail service is available with monthly charge of JPY 2,000 + tax.

VIRTUAL OFFICE: JPY 30,000 + tax/mo.

Pick the best of both!!
Virtual Office plan is the combined services of Mailbox Plus and Telephone Only. Our lounge is now under construction and will be ready soon. Please enjoy the lounge once it is open!

Virtual Membership Rewards

  • ・Meeting Rooms: Member’s rate will be applied
  • ・Open Office Counter: JPY 500 + tax per 30 min (Free internet access)

STEPS to set up Virtual Office


Please fill out the application form and tic the desired plan. As specified by law, please show your photo ID for verification purposes.


Based on the information on your application, we review your background before signing the contract. Please note in advance that depending on the outcome of your background check, we reserve the right to decline your application.


After the completion of the background check, the agreement will be sent to your postal address. Please return the agreement after signing and sealing your company stamp. Also please make the payment of admission fee and application fee to our designated bank before the start date of your agreement.


Please submit us all the required documents before the start date of your agreement.


On the first day of your membership, you will receive the email notification from us.


Admission Fee: JPY 30,000 + tax
Application Fee: one-month membership fee

*At the time of filing application, please prepare the following necessary documents:

-Resident Registration Certificate*
-Photo ID(Driver’s license/ Passport)
-Seal Registration Certificate*
-Tax Certificate/ Withholding Certificate
-Face Photo
-Company Registration Certificate*
-Photo ID(Driver’s license/ Passport)
-Seal Registration Certificate*
-Face Photo

*Ccertified copies must be dated within 3 months of the date of your application

Important Notice

Please note that our call answering service does not include call center operation. For more information, please contact us.

In accordance with revision to the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, as from May 2013, we are required to see each other in person before signing the contract. Also under the direction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the National Police Agency, we must check the original identification documents.

We operate our business in compliance with laws and recognize the social responsibility in order to provide safe and comfortable business environment.


Receptionists at Grand Cru are well experienced and highly trained. Friendly but knowledgeable and skillful. Here at Grand Cru, we offer personalized services to assist your business grow.