This version is the privacy policy of Shin Nissan Rental & Leasing Co., Ltd. translated into English. Please note that the Japanese version is the legally bound version overseen by our lawyers and Japanese law. When you’re agreeing to the terms of this document you’re agreeing to the terms written in the original version in Japanese.

Shin Nissan Rental & Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) recognizes that the protection of personal information (information which identifies the specific individuals) is very important and considers it to be a social responsibility and duty.
Accordingly the following Privacy Policy is established to securely manage the personal information.
The following personal information protection policy applies only to the personal information collected from the users of this website and we cannot be held responsible for the protection of personal information collected from other links to this website.

1. Collection of Personal Information
When the Company acquires personal information through this Website, the purpose of usage, scope of use of information and disclosure, must be clarified in advance.
2. Use of Personal Information
The Company shall use personal information collected through this Website only to the extent and for the purposes specified, which was announced or noticed in advance to the persons to whom the information pertains.
3. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Company commits not to disclose and/nor provide personal information collected through the Website to any third parties without justifiable reasons, with the exception of the cases listed in the following items:
(1) If required by laws or regulations for disclosure
(2) If the Company determine that disclosure is necessary for protecting the rights, interests, honor, trusts and others of the Company and/or third parties
(3) If you are the partner companies alliance with the Company
4. Personal Information Management
The Company shall take all reasonable and appropriate safety measures for preventing illegal and unauthorized outside access, loss, destruction, misuse, alteration or leakage to personal information collected through the Website.
The Company will ensure that personal information is not mishandled, and will properly educate and supervise employees on the appropriate handling of personal information. In case the Company alliances with partner companies, the Company demands the necessary and appropriate measures to partner companies.
5. Security Measures
For your supply of personal information to the Website, the Company uses the coded communication system of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for personal information to prevent unauthorized access during data communication when personal information is supplied. The use of SSL prevents the interception and blockage of information.
6. Use of Cookies
The Company may collect information such as the Internet protocol IP address and information on the identification number of the mobile phone terminal by using cookies to collate data on usage of the Website and monitor trends in site usage for analysis purposes. You may set your browser to reject cookies but please understand that certain features of the Website may not be available if your browser does not accept cookies.
7. Change to Privacy Policy
The Company practices the handling of personal information according to laws and other standard practices and constantly strives to make improvements to the above activities. Privacy Policy may be modified and revised without any prior notice according to the changes to legislation and/or if it is deemed appropriate by the Company. We will post changes and updates on this Website when this Privacy Policy is updated.
8. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction
The use of the Website and the interpretation of the content of Website shall be governed by the law of Japan. Any dispute relating to the Website shall be brought to the Osaka District Court as the court of exclusive jurisdiction for the first trial.
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